Blogger Awards

I joined blotanical and started blogging in June 2009.
3 months later in Sept 2009, My Nice Garden was voted:
2nd Best Asian Blog
4th Best Commenter
5th Best Native Plants Blog


The following are prized possessions given at a time when I was a 'newbie blotanist' by my blogger friends from Blotanical which I will treasure and cherish for a long time. It is not the trophies that I wish to collect but the sincere gestures that inspires me most.

On 14th August 2009, Jessica of The Magical Mundane from Michigan, United States has passed along a Meme Award to My Nice Garden which is my first ever award. My grateful thanks to Jessica for giving this award to me. It is indeed very much appreciated and a great honour to me.

"Autumn Bell at My Nice Garden, located in Malaysia. Another spectacular blog that focuses on garden blooms but still adds in highlights of the region. Another tour guide in training" ..... Jessica

I have received this Honest Scrap Award from fellow Blotanist James Missier of Garden Chronicles on October 30, 2009. Thank you very much to James for this award and I am indeed very grateful to him for his encouragement, honest and sincere support of My Nice Garden.

"Its about her urban gardening adventures and personal stories. I often enjoy all the garden stories and the native plants she discovers and write about"..... James

1. On 22 Nov 09, My Nice Garden (MNG) has received a second Honest Scrap Award from Babara_elaine of Gardening in Mannheim, Germany. Her post is titled, "Proud to be an Honest Scrap. "

"Autumn Belle at My Nice Garden. Another blog I've become familiar with through Blotanical, a website where you can find all of these blogs and hundreds more, united by a common love of gardening"..... Babara Elaine 

2. On 23 Nov 09, MNG received a Best Blog Award from LeSan of Blue Gate Gardens. Her post is titled, "The Red Carpet Needs Shampooing".

"My Nice Garden by Autumn Belle is as lovely as she is and a pleasure to visit. She delights me with flowers that are wonderfully exotic to this Northwestern American. She shows me a world I have never seen and I would love to have her as my tour guide if I was ever fortunate enough to travel to her corner of the world ".....LeSan

3. On 27 Nov 09, MNG received a Best Blog Award from Wendy of Greenish Thumb. Her post is titled, "....... why someone would consider this blog "best".

"Autumn Belle (My Nice Garden) in Malaysia, is such an interesting person who will occasionally share cultural aspects that are sometimes very different, but sometimes remotely similar to my own".....Wendy

I would like to thank Babara, LeSan and Wendy for having me in mind when giving out the awards. It feels great to be appreciated.

In 2012, June was my anniversary month, so I am immensely thrilled to receive the above award. It is so nice to about other bloggers' views about me!

1. Thank you very much to James Missier of Garden Chronicles for giving me this award on June 15th, 2012. His post is here. James is an empath and plant rescuer who loves to inspire others and enjoys singing. He says,

"Autumn Belle from My Nice Garden. She is so rich with her passion with flowers and plants.She also blogs in My Garden Directory, Klang - Malaysia Daily Photo and My nice flowers. (Wow! that's Versatile".

2. Thank you very much to Aaron of Aaron's Gadening Blog for giving me this award on June 16th, 2012.

"Autumn Belle from My Nice Garden. She's an extremely versatile gardener, and her blog is very entertaining to read. She's very passionate in her hobby of gardening."

3. Thank you very much to Adam of Growing Paradise for giving me this award on June 17th, 2012. His post is here. Adam who speaks Cuban Spanish and Cantonese, cooks, gardens and love nature, cats and living in the tropics says,

"Nice garden - a beautifully-done blog about gardening in Malaysia. The author is a lot like me in that she finds it hard to not plant what others don't want!"

4. Lynn of Lynns Garden, thank you very much for giving me the "One Lovely Blog" award for garden blogs. I am very honored! - 29 July 2012.

5. Malar of My Little Garden, thank you very much for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am very honoured!

Malar says, "Autumn Belle at - If you want to know more about plants, visit her blog! It's so informative!" - 24 July 2012. 5. The Liebster Award and Beautiful Blogger Award.

 6. I would like to thank Ash and Stiletto for the following awards:
(a) Ash of Houris In The Garden blog (Liebster Blog post) and (Beautiful Blogger post).
(b) Stiletto of STileTTo blog (Beautiful Blogger post).

"...Your blogs are a treasure trove of information. Recently I discover that it is so easy to verify plant ID through your other blog, The Plant Finder. I have high regards to you as the sifu."
Stilleto, thank you very much for these inspiring words!