TV Appearances

My First TV Appearance on Bella NTV 7 - Episode 69 on 11 April 2013 with host Vanessa Chong

On 11 April 2013, I was interviewed by host Vanessa Chong on our Malaysian national TV programme Bella NTV 7 Episode 69. The talk was about "Introduction to gardening as a hobby". My grateful thanks to Producer Nisa who gave me the opportunity to talk about my passion in DIY gardening.

My second appearance on TV - 9 May 2013 Bella NTV7 Episode 89 with host Elaine Daly

I was interviewed by talk show host Elaine Daly on the topic about Mother's Day gifts if your mother likes gardening. It was a luckly day for me because the Lime Butterfly caterpillar that I was rearing had decided to eclose on this day, so I brought it to the set. The butterfly also made a guest appearance inside the bug box!

My third TV appearance - 25th Aug 2013 Bella NTV7 Episode 164 with host Vanessa Chong

Bella NTV7 - Me (Left) with beautiful host Vanessa Chong (centre). 

The topic was Hibiscus, the National Flower of Malaysia. I demonstrated how we can eat the flower petals and make a hibiscus drink using the flower petals.

My 4th TV appearance - 2nd Jan 2014 Episode 2 with host Daphne Iking

The topic was about growing Herbs. We talk about Asian herbs and Western herbs and growing herbs for the apartment dweller.

My 5th TV appearance - 24th Jan 2014 Episode 18 with host Daphne Iking

The talk was about Chinese New Year flowers. We talked about pomeloes, hydrangers, monkey cups, bromliads, orchids, pussy willows, money trees and cherry blossoms.

My 6th TV appearance - 18th Dec 2014 with host Elaine Daly

The interview was on Bella NTV7 - Bella Thursday Unwind programme with Elaine Daly. We talked about Indoor Gardening.

During live recording of Bella NTV7 Episode 164 on 25 Aug 2013.

My 7th TV appearance - 14th May 2015 with host Sarimah Ibrahim

With gorgeous host Sarimah Ibrahim at Bella ntv7 - Thursday, 14th May 2015 Bella Unwind Episode 93 about Balcony and Sky Gardens